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Protection of Minors Policy

1.   Introduction

Mitaa is committed to creating a safe online environment for minors (individuals under the age of 18) who utilize our internet services. We recognize the importance of protecting minors from inappropriate content, online predators, and other potential risks. This policy outlines our approach to safeguarding minors and promoting responsible internet usage.


2.   Content Filtering

  1. Mitaa will implement robust content filtering measures to prevent access to explicit, adult-oriented, or otherwise inappropriate material for minors. These filters will be regularly updated and refined to ensure effectiveness.
  2. Parents or legal guardians may request additional filtering options from Mitaa to customize internet access for their minor dependents.


3.   Parental Control Guidance

  1. While it is not Mitaa’s direct responsibility to provide parental control tools, we are committed to offering guidance and advice to parents or legal guardians on available tools and instructions on how to effectively utilize them.
  2. Mitaa will provide comprehensive information about third-party parental control tools, including their features, compatibility, and recommended settings to help parents or legal guardians make informed decisions.
  3. We will offer instructions and assistance in configuring and using parental control tools, ensuring parents or legal guardians can implement appropriate safeguards tailored to their child’s online needs.
  4. Mitaa will also stay updated on the latest developments in parental control technology and provide relevant information and recommendations to our customers.

By providing guidance on available tools and instructions, we aim to empower parents or legal guardians to take an active role in protecting their minors while utilizing our internet services.


4.   Education and Awareness

  1. Mitaa will collaborate with relevant organizations, schools, and community groups to promote education and awareness regarding safe internet usage for minors.
  2. We will provide resources, guidelines, and educational materials, both independently and through collaborative efforts, to help parents, legal guardians, and minors understand online risks and adopt responsible digital behaviours.


5.   Reporting Mechanisms

  1. Mitaa will establish a clear and accessible mechanism for reporting any instances of inappropriate content, cyberbullying, or online harassment involving minors.
  2. Minors, parents, legal guardians, or concerned individuals can report such incidents by sending an email to or
  3. Prompt action will be taken by Mitaa to investigate and address reported incidents in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

6.   Privacy and Data Protection

  1. Mitaa will strictly adhere to applicable privacy and data protection laws to safeguard the personal information of minors using our internet services.
  2. Any collection, use, or storage of personal information will be done in accordance with our privacy policy, with explicit consent obtained from parents or legal guardians when necessary.


7.   Staff Training and Awareness

  1. Mitaa will provide regular training and awareness programs for our staff to ensure they understand the importance of protecting minors and are equipped to handle related issues effectively.
  2. Staff members will be educated on recognizing and reporting potential cases of online exploitation, abuse, or illegal activities involving minors.


8.   Compliance and Review

  1. This policy, developed by Mitaa, will be regularly reviewed, and updated to align with emerging best practices, technological advancements, and legal requirements concerning the protection of minors online.
  2. Mitaa will cooperate with relevant authorities and organizations to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and industry standards.


9.   Communication and Transparency

  1. Mitaa will maintain open lines of communication with customers, parents, legal guardians, and relevant stakeholders to address concerns, provide updates, and gather feedback regarding the protection of minors online.
  2. Information about this policy and related initiatives will be readily accessible on our websites and other customer communication channels.