Reconnecting Africans

Providing tech to improve
play study Business

Mitaa provides internet solutions to make improve time at home or in your community, and software solutions to improve the work environment.

Make the


Sponsored Internet

Provide access to underserved patrons through CSI or Advertising budgets

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Fibre to fit your needs

Our Fibre to the Home and Fibre to the Business Packages are aimed at satisfying the needs of the

our services

Best Fit Tech solutions

We are reconnecting Africans by providing services that both introduce and sustain people’s online journeys.

Mitaa Apps

Mitaa is dedicated to the process of creating, designing and supporting software solutions for the informal market  space. Making trade easy for trades is the goal Mitaa will achieve.

Mobile Phone Repairs

Mitaa provides mobile phone repair facilities, direct in consumer environments. Ensuring end-user equipment is always ready to access the internet.


“HEWA is a “Swahili” word for “Air”. In Mitaa this brand of products signifies the use of wireless technologies to provide internet connectivity


Whether it is Fibre to the Home, or Fibre to the business we aim to serve and get your environment connected. 

WiFi revolution has

arrived in our communities

Hotspots plotted throughout the community for ubiqitous access for community members

Maele on Tower 3

Network deployment

Serving the underserved is our goal

Mitaa prides itself on providing services to the most distant of communities reaching environments most do not look to. Through our MOU and partnership agreements,  Mitaa is capable of doing the impossible.

Mitaa is licensed to both deploy, maintain, and sell internet services in multiple provinces throughout South Africa.

Imagine the possibilities

Mitaa isn’t limited to our current capabilities, but rather our place our focus on creating a new Africa. Where technology is used to create a fair and equitable environment for Africans.


Establish a 50-year old online trading ecosystem, which makes it easy for businesses and customers to transact in Africa.


“Make it easy for Africans to trade, by introducing tech to eliminate the lack of African presence in the Fourth Industrial Revolution”


  • Customer Centricity
  • Botho
  • Integrity
  • Solution Focused


Get to know the Tech used for value creation

creating smiles is the purpose

We utilise a mix of solutions that allow end-users to be at their most happiest.